Another Good Year For This Chateau


I have been on the road this weekend and traveled up to Norfolk to spend some time away from the big smoke (London) while there I came across this lovely little wine shop called Satchells (visit and in the corner or this Aladdin’s cave of wine I found this little gem. I did find a lot more so I am sure a few of those will be covered over the coming weeks as well.

2004 Chateau Caronne Ste Gemme  Haut Medoc (Left Bank) AC

Well with this one it’s a little raw and not so well structured compared to the 2000 and most likely the 2002. Its Ruby in colour, however the deepness that I would expect is not there. This hints that this wine will not age for much longer, well it will not improve with age I would think. But I like this wine as all I can smell is Norfolk. The black sweet fruits on the nose with the smoke wood you get from the smoke houses up there let you know this is going to be a good little number. The flavour, well you can feel the black fruits of the Cabernet Sauvignon and the spice that slowly warms your mouth which helps give it a good body. The smooth tannins which are medium to high on the levels then kick in before you get the hit of acidity which balances the wine to a good all round touch. All in all this is not a bad wine but buy it now and drink it now.


We are talking steak or risk an early BBQ, bang on the burgers, steak and lamb, big flavours will go great with this wine and it will stand up to them toe to toe.


I got this bottle for £18.99 and for this year and the taste and mix of flavours that is a good price. Do not pay more than £21 for it get the 2002 instead or buy a very good Malbec

Score 8/10 Very Good but drink now. Next year the score will be 6/10 Good

Wine Score

So I have had some feedback on a few of my resent posts about including a scoring system for the bottles wine I am talking about. Great but let’s strip it down to a good simple system. That means none of this 100 pts stuff. Which I know why we have it but for the day-to-day consumer and general collector I think it is useless and a little over the top

A Wine A Day simple scoring system

0-1 Poor, don’t buy it.

2-4 Acceptable, buy it for yourself.  Best with food as that will help the balance.

5-7 Good, buy a few and tell your friends about it.

8-9 Very good, buy lots of it, keep it for a few years in less otherwise stated.

10 Out standing, drink before you die no matter what the cost, it will be worth it.


Just so you know I will be updating all my old posts with a score so have another look at those

Part 1: Sweet Saturday

So for the next 7 weeks every Saturday I am going to talk about all  things sweet that is sweet wine I mean, maybe a few bits of chocolate goodness for good measure as well.

I have a sweet tooth and sweet wines really do hit the spot. However with a lot of people there can be just too much. I am going to give you 7 to choose from over the coming weeks and hopefully all of you will like at lest one of them

So let’s get started, first up is.

Elysium California Black Muscat Dessert Wine 2011

The look is a pale ruby which looks so elegant

The flavour is sweet litchi in a bottle with a touch of blossom, the medium to long finish that ends with a warm alcohol effect, it is 15% Vol after all. It may look pale but it has a good kick and the body is that of a light syrup.

Food wise this will stand up to sweet desserts but nothing to rich. chocolate tart no way. Fruit tart yes. However I think the best thing to pair this with is cheese. Yes cheese no I have not gone mad, yes red wine or port is good but this would be better than both of them. A Good British blue cheese or a salty hard cheese would work so well with this and just brings so much to the pairing for both food and wine.

So get a bottle now, I have only every see it in a 375ml bottle (half bottle) good value for this would be around £10 but don’t be put off if you find it closer to £14, anymore then this walk away.

Most good wine shops sell this now or look online, here are two sites I have found that look to be doing a good deal at the moment

So I hope you enjoy this and don’t forget the cheese

Score: 8/10 Very Good

A Little Fizz

Français : Bouteille de champagne Ruinart

Français : Bouteille de champagne Ruinart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So it’s a Friday and nearly the weekend, we made it people so what better way to kick the weekend off then with a glass of the Fizzy stuff.

So Champagne should be your fill, go on you know you deserve it. For me one of the best everyday Champagnes if there is such a thing is Ruinart, it’s the oldest Champagne house  so they should know what they are doing for a start. And the shape of the bottle makes an impact with any group of friends or date

R de Ruinart NV

A good dry champagne the bubbles are smooth and the finish is very good for the price

Expect a mix of fresh fruits, pear is the strongest. It has a nose of  sweet breads with a little dash of almond.

It’s a great little drink at around £47 a bottle don’t pay more than £52 a bottle

You can find it now in most supermarkets but try Majestic Wine as they normally have an offer on every month or so

Let me know how your Champagne weekend goes and if you come across any great little fizzy numbers

Score: 9/10 Very Good

Missing In Wine Action

Morning all, sorry for the lack of advise for the last two days. Things have been a little crazy on the wine front with Champagne testings and dinner party events to pair the correct wine with (it’s a hard life). Should be back on my feet and parting with some great little drops of advise today for the weekend so keep an eye for that.

Just a little note to say over the next three days I will be looking at wine to go with seafood, Champagne and sweet wines so lots to cover.

A Good Chateau


2000 Chateau Caronne Ste Gemme Haut Medoc (Left Bank) AC

So the first time I had this wine was Christmas last year and after one glass phoned up Santa and asked him for 6 more bottles. The 2000 will still be a good drink now but I would say try to find the 2002 which will be right on the money, or if you have some time on your hands and a place to put down 6 to 12 bottles then go and buy the 2010 which looks like its going to be a corker in time.

So the detailed bit

Flavour it’s all about the black sweet fruits which matches the colour very dark, it has a little covering of pepper spice and a balance cedar touch to it. good soft tannins balanced with a middle of the road acidity

Food wise I had this with Beef but it would work with a rich steak as well, no sauce though.

You can get the 2000 from  do not pay more than £26 a bottle

2002 you are looking at £21 a bottle

or track down a 2010 a would say £10 a bottle would be a fair price

Let me know how you get on and if you need any more details

Score 8

A good start

So as it’s only Monday, I don’t think it would be a great idea to start off with a big heavy number. So I have gone for a crisp French white wine to start this week off

A Macon Villages (Chardonnay), a good place to start with a Burgundy white as it will have a good mix of flavours

It’s from the producer Cave De Lugny so we know we are going to get a good everyday drinking French Burgundy at a good price, 2011 not the best year to be had for sure however this will help get the price down a little.

Flavour though is good, fresh lemon citrus notes with a hint of some stone fruits which makes it refreshing on the palate

Fish would be the best dish with this not battered fish though

I did pay £8.50 something in Waitrose for it, but you can also get it from Winedirect for around £30 for 6 bottles which would be a good little buy

So let me know if you like it, I am on my second glass and yes I did have fish for dinner

Score 6 



I have been involved in the wine business for some time now and I feel it is only right I started sharing some drops of advice with you all.

Everyday I will recommend a wine for you, it could be an everyday wine from your local shop to something a little special. The advice given will range from flavour and style to what food it would best go with or whether it’s going to be a keeper for a rainy day.

Well thats it for now I am off for a late Sunday lunch and a large glass of wine.

See you tomorrow.